COS Community Newsmaker Program

Putting the power of community news in the hands of local citizens


A program by Convention of States (COS) to increase community activism by elevating stories about local government and community engagement.


COS is focused on two goals: First, pass state resolutions calling for a Convention of States. Second, prepare citizens in every community to engage in the process of planning and influencing the Convention. The COS Community Newsmaker Program will elevate awareness of the need for a Convention, and will spark community activism on federal, state, and local issues as we prepare for the Convention.


Community newspapers helped build America by giving citizens a voice, celebrating local heroes, and holding government accountable. Because local newspapers are on the decline, COS has developed an online platform to cover local news in more than 900 communities across America. Our mission with COS Community Newsmaker Program is to:

  1. Rebuild community-based news as the backbone of our Republic.
  2. Make facts and data the center of every story.
  3. Give citizens a voice on equal footing with government, corporations, and other powerful interests.

The COS Community Newsmaker Program starts with citizen activists like you.

Here’s how it works:

1. You are the source.

Is there news in your community you want reported?

Do you have notes from a local meeting?

Do you have information about your local government?

Report it!

2. Pitch your story.

Use the COS Community Newsmaker Pitch Form to put your story in play.

Just click on the “Tell a Story” button on this web page.

What's your story about? What's the backgound? Think someone needs to answer some questions?

Tell us what and who and reporters do the rest.

3. Get reported.

That’s it.

Hit the “Submit” button and your story will be assigned to a reporter.

We will keep you informed about the status of your story and let you know when your story is published on your community’s local online news site.

We’ll also provide you with a link that you can share with others.

Who writes the stories?

Hundreds of free-lance reporters around the country who adhere to strict journalistic standards—no political bias, and a commitment to facts over opinion.

Be a news maker.